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Iron Feliks by AntonMoscowsky

Very nice picture i really like i hope you keep up the good work :) Though it may look kinda derped but it has a long barreled gun, assa...


Nice tanks
R180 D87T Kimlovskey (K) Type super tank by Ammoracker101
These are some of the nicer things I've made in the past and ill be putting them here for Commission :D


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SMH-42 Sub Machine Gun by Ammoracker101
SMH-42 Sub Machine Gun
Gun: 6.3mm (1941 mod 2: 7mm)
Ammo types: APL/API/(Late: FMJ)
Ammo per Mag: 20 (1941 mod 2: 15)
RPS: 4.2 Rounds per seconds
I-128-91 Naval Turret by Ammoracker101
I-128-91 Naval Turret
Armor: 25mm/20mm/20mm
Guns: 2x 12.8cm L/60 KwK42
Recoil Mechanism: Recoil-less Springs
Loading Mechanism: Manuel loading
Firing type: Magazine Loaded (3 Shells per Mag.)
Reload: 18 Seconds
RoF: 8.6 Rounds a Minute (3 Second delay per shot)
Ammo types: APCBC/APHE/HE
Penetration: 236mm/210mm/50mm (at 3 KM away: 165mm/150mm/45mm) (at 6 KM away: 135mm/120mm/40mm) (10 KM+ away: 100mm/85mm/34mm)
View range: 8 KM (11 KM with Optics+ module)
Gun range: 8 KM (10 KM with Range+ module)
Weight: 36 tons
Turret rotation speed: 180* in 20 Seconds
Crew: 4x Loaders 2x Gunners 1x Radio OP
Nationality: German
A-51 Cruiser Mk-1/3 by Ammoracker101
A-51 Cruiser Mk-1/3
Armor hull: 85mm/76mm/76mm (Frontal spaced armor: 20mm) (Side spaced armor: 30mm) (Uper glacies armor: 50mm) (over all armor effectiveness: 105mm/106mm/76mm) (Uper-glacies effective armor: 145mm) (Drivers view port armor: 35mm)
Turret armor: 110mm/85mm/76mm (Commanders cupola armor: 120mm) (Spaced armor thickness: 30mm) (mantle armor: 50mm) (Roof armor: 25mm)
gun selection: 75mm SA34, 76mm M1A1, 76mm pak 40
Guns: (Main gun), 2x 7.62mm MG-12's
penetration: (75mm SA34: 75mm/82mm/25mm) (76mm M1A1: 120mm/145mm/15mm) (76mm Pak 40: 125mm/155mm/20mm)
Ammo types: (75mm SA34: APCBC/HEAT/HE) (76mm M1A1: APCB/APC/HE) (76mm Pak 40: APBC/APCR/HE)
Ammo: (75mm SA34: 72) (76mm M1A1: 62) (76mm Pak 40: 62)
Rate of Fire: (75mm SA34: 5.4 Second reload) (76mm M1A1: 4.3 Seconds to reload) (76mm Pak 40: 3.2 Seconds to reload)
Engine: 585 HP V5 Cruisader 12/ 630 HP V8 Cruisader 12
Speed: 36 KMH (22 MPH)/ 41 KMH (25 MPH)
Crew: 1x Driver 1x Loader 1x Gunner 1x Commander 

Info: During 1944 of the English advance in northern Europe they developed a Breakthrough tank helped by the french to resist Medium AT fire, while having enough punch to destroy other tanks! When Germany was captured they used abandoned materials to produce these tanks, and made up to 380 tanks in one year thanks to the abandoned factories! When Germany took Russia they had maximum AT defenses up while U.K was at the gates of Leningrad, France at Kiev, and at the gates of whats left of Stalingrad.
IBR 50/75 by Ammoracker101
IBR 50/75
Armor hull: 45mm/45mm/30mm
Armor turret: 65mm/30mm/15mm
Gun selection: 5cm L60, 7.5cm L24, 50mm L50 
Guns: 1x (Main gun) 2x 7.7mm MG
Ammo types: (5cm L60: APBC/APC/HE) (7.5cm L24: APCBC/HEAT/HE) (50mm L50: APCB/APC/HE)
Penetration: (5cm L60: 92mm/130mm/15mm) (7.5cm L24: 45mm/80mm/25mm) (50mm L50: 110mm/135mm/15mm)
Ammo: (5cm L60: 96) (7.5cm L24: 72) (50mm L50: 96)
Engine: 310 HP V11 Franklin, 340 HP V12 Franklin
Speed: (Engine 1: 25 KMH/15.5 MPH) (Engine 2: 29 KMH/18 MPH)
Crew: 1x Driver 1x Gunner 1x Commander

Note: No info here is true.
In 1943, During the French attack over Germany. Germany became increasingly closer to Israel and France sent light tanks such as the R35, H35, D2's, etc but a Unique one sent called R43 was better then the other tanks with more armor and a 47mm tank gun! Although when they were received they were re-fitted with 5cm L60 AT guns sent by Foreign battlefield scavengers, and a new turret was placed on the tank with an open top view with more armor and could fit better cannons on it! New blueprints were produced and this tank was the main Mass producer by far of any tank of its region, 485 were built in 1943/44 and survived the German attacks with Hull down tanks dug into the sand! They destroyed 142 Pz. III J1/2's, 261 Pz. II LT's and 10 Tiger H1's. Israel had 225 of its tanks destroyed and 82 abandoned! After the attack 780 were then produced later and 520 were sent across the world including Russia, Poland, Japan, US, Canada, UK, etc
R50-1 by Ammoracker101
Armor hull: 55mm/50mm/50mm (Weakspots: Casemate guns: 35mm)
Armor turret: 55mm/55mm/40mm
Guns: 3x 6 pdr. 1917 Naval guns, 5x 7.7mm MG's
Penetration: 43mm/50mm/25mm
Ammo types: APBC,APC,HE
Ammo: 130
Engine: 360HP 
Speed: 34 KMH (21 MPH)
Crew: 1x Driver 2x Gunners 1x Comamnder
I had tons of time to start the book and I've been anxious to start and finally I have! It's very unfortunate that I'm sick so process will be slow for a while :(


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Daniel Holmes
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I like tanks i basically make tank art and make models I'm not half bad but I'm good enough to be called a professional!

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